Friday, December 31, 2010

Turnaround Toolbox - Introduction

It's been a long time since I wrote anything - I have been up to my neck in work for the last 20 months.  It seems like a good time to capture some old, new, and re-learned lessons.

As a generalist in the IT world, it is sometimes difficult to tell people exactly what you do.  Specialization might make the details incomprehensible, but if you say "I am an Oracle DBA" that's a box people understand.  I usually just tell people "I do computer stuff" which is a lot like saying "I am purple."

What I really do is use decades of broad IT, Business, and Personal experience to help teams perform at a very high level.  I plan to write a series of short articles detailing the approaches I have found useful.

Please feel free to comment, question, or argue with me.

Here's the list of topics - maybe not in the order I will write them - most of these have to happen in parallel and through many iterations.

  • Learn the Current Expectations
  • Identify and understand the existing Gaps between Expectations and results
  • Find out what Metrics matter
  • Start Measuring - Know your numbers
  • Create your Box
  • Reset Expectations - internal and external
  • Develop and Articulate your vision of a better future
  • Take actions that do not require permission, cooperation, or coordination
  • Define, Limit, and Enforce you inputs
  • Reach beyond your borders to partner with others
Follow along if you like - I'll try to exert some discipline and write one topic a week.

Thanks for Reading - Mike

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